Canteen (Concessions)

We are proud to offer a variety of tasty treats–both from our own grill and from some of the best local vendors–to fuel your cravings!

Tickets must be used to purchase concession items. Each ticket is $1 toward the cost of an item.

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All-City Canteen

Brats $4

Hot Dogs $3

Bagels $2

Donuts $2

Fruit $2

Candy $2

Snacks $2

S’mores Treats $3

Rice Krispie Treat $2

Puppy Chow $2

Water $2

Vita Ice $2

Gatorade $3

Soda $3

All-City 2022 Logo

North & South Menu

Pulled Pork Sandwich $8

Mac & Cheese w/ Pulled Pork $8

Mac & Cheese $5

Buttered Noodles $5

Rocky Rococo

Rocky Rococo Pizza Menu

Cheese Slice $5

Pepperoni Slice $5

Sausage Slice $5

Milio's Sandwiches

Milio’s Sandwiches Menu

Turkey Sub $5

Ham Sub $5

Veggie Sub $5

We are also offering coffee and treats from Kona Ice, Chocolate Shoppe and Just Coffee Co-Op

Just Coffee Co-Op
Chocolate Shoppe
Kona Ice