Camp All-City is located within and directly around the Ridgewood Pool Grounds. Ridgewood Pool is surrounded by residential homes. Therefore, we ask that you please stay within designated areas and be respectful of our neighbors.

Swimmer Dropoff

The designated swimmer dropoff area is located at the southeast corner of the pool on Flad St., which will be converted into a one-way street during the meet. This drop off point leads directly to Tent City city. For safety and traffic flow, please use the designated dropoff area only.

Traffic Flow

To help increase pedestrian safety, Flad Ave. (south side of the pool) will be a designated one-way street running west to east. Barton Rd. (north side of the pool) will be a designated one-way street running east to west.

Lewon St. between Flad Ave. and Barton Rd. will be closed to traffic.

Please note that many streets in the neighborhood do not have sidewalks, so please drive slowly through the neighborhood and watch for pedestrians.



In keeping with our camp theme, we have also designated an “off the grid” space at Flad Park, which is located two tenths of a mile to the southeast of the pool. This space is meant to serve as a quiet place for parents and spectators to relax in-between races. There will be no access to livestream, however volunteers will be traveling to Flad Park to announce event staging. These updates will also be shared as push notifications in the All-City mobile event app.