Unified Swimming


The purpose of the Unified Swimming program within the Madison All-City League is to provide the opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities or other physical limitations the opportunity to swim alongside their peers.

Swimmers are invited to work with their local pool and coaches to join their swim team and practice at a level that challenges them to improve their swimming technique and endurance.

Goal of the Unified Swimming Program

People with intellectual disabilities are typically disengaged and isolated from their peers when they can’t “keep up” in a swim lane, or with any social norms. This program is a step to bridge the gap and promote a climate of both physical and social inclusion, acceptance, respect, and human dignity for all athletes.

Events at the 2022 All-City Swim Meet

Three unified races will be offered for those swimmers who need accommodations to participate. A 25-meter freestyle race, a 25-meter backstroke race, and a 50-meter freestyle race will be held during the meet on Saturday morning. We highly encourage spectators to fill the stands and cheer these swimmers on!

Any swimmer who can complete the race/distance of their age group and prefers to do so is encouraged to enter those corresponding races.