Spectator Guide

Our goal at the All-City Swim Meet is to embrace the spirit that we are all “one big swim family.” We have put together a guide of important information for swimmers and spectators to ensure that everyone has a positive, enjoyable experience!

Accessibility and Accommodations

Restrooms are located in the main pool house. Seating is available on the pool deck for those in wheelchairs and in the front row of the bleachers. A designated parking area is available on both Barton Road (north side of the pool grounds) and Flad Avenue (south side of the pool grounds), with a designated drop-off area at the corner of Lewon and Flad (southwest corner of the pool grounds).

Service animals for guests with disabilities are welcome at the pool. All service animals must always remain on a leash or in a harness. No other animals are allowed.

All City Merchandise

2022 apparel is being sold on the grounds. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

Cameras/Video Cameras

Non-commercial use of cameras and video recording devices are allowed at the pool. Please remain in your seat while filming. Use of cameras in changing areas is strictly prohibited.

Clerk of Course

All individual swimmers and relays will be staged at Clerk of Course, located to the west of the pool grounds on Lewon Drive. For more information about how event staging will work, visit the Clerk of Course page.


Operation of a drone or any other flying apparatus is strictly prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas) any time athletes, coaches, officials, or spectators are present.

Evacuation & Inclement Weather Policy

Stay up-to-date with any weather-related or other unplanned changes and delays by monitoring our website and social media feeds.

In the event of rain showers

The meet will go on!

In the event of an emergency

Instructions will be announced by public address system and bull horns by the volunteers.

In the event of lightning or severe weather

  • Pool, pool deck, and bleachers must be cleared
  • Swimmers 9 & up will be released from Clerk of Course
  • Swimmers 8 & under will need to be picked up from Clerk of Course by a coach, family member, or trusted adult
  • Participants and spectators should return to their cars and seek shelter
  • Meet will resume 30 minutes after last lightning strike or sound of thunder

First Aid/Medical Tent

If you need medical attention, please notify the closest meet volunteer or pool employee. The first-aid station is staffed by professionals from UW Health Sports Medicine and is located at the parking lot entrance on Barton Road.

Infant Feeding Area

A private space is available for breastfeeding or expressing breastmilk in the women’s locker room changing area located inside the pool house.

Lost & Found

Lost items may be found at the volunteer check-in area located just outside the front of the Ridgewood Pool House on Barton Road.

Lost Child Area

Parents may find their lost child at the first-aid station.


Banks of port-a-potties can be found in four different locations on the All-City grounds: at the southwest corner (Lewon Dr. and Flad St.); at the northwest corner of the grounds (just outside of the pool house on Lewon Dr. and Barton Rd.); at the parking lot entrance just off Barton Rd.; and in the Clerk of Course area for swimmers waiting to be staged for their events.


There are 932 seats available for spectators. Please be courteous by not saving seats for family and friends. To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to see their swimmer(s) compete, we ask that spectators limit their time in the bleachers just to what is necessary to see their specific races. Please reserve the first row of bleachers for our senior spectators and those with accessibility needs. For your safety, do not stand on the bleachers or bring glass containers into the pool area.


Please report suspicious activity, disruptive patrons, and guest-related problems to a meet volunteer. Uncooperative patrons who show disregard for others, the facility, or any team members may be asked to leave. Firearms and other weapons are expressly forbidden on the Ridgewood Pool and All-City Meet grounds. Persons possessing such items will be asked to leave and may be subject to arrest.

Smoking Policy

The All-City Swim Meet is a smoke free event.

Tech Suits

As per the rules established by the All-City Swim & Dive League, technical racing suits (tech suits) are not allowed for any 12 & under swimmer.

Tent City

Tent City is located in the greenspace to the east of the pool. Swimmers are encouraged to remove all personal belongings at the end of each meet day. All items must be removed from tents at the end of the meet. Please stay within designated areas and be respectful of our neighbors. There is a second area available at Flad Park for parents and spectators to relax in-between races. Flad Park is located approximately two-tenths of a mile to the southeast of the pool, on Flad St. In staying with our camping theme, this area is designated as an “off-the-grid” space, with no access to livestream. Anyone at Flad Park will be responsible for getting swimmers to Clerk of Course on-time. Push notifications will be delivered through the mobile app announcing event staging.


The All-City Championship Swim Meet uses a fully automatic Colorado Timing system as the primary method of timekeeping. Secondary timing is a semi-automatic system. Tertiary timing consists of manual stopwatches. For 8&U individual events where the finish is not at the start end of the pool, it is acceptable for primary timing to be a semi-automatic system with a secondary system of manual watches. HY-TEK’s Meet Manager software is used for processing results.


A water station provided by Madison Water Utility is available to fill your own reusable water bottles and is located on the lawn outside the front of the Pool House off Barton Road (north side of pool grounds).

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